speedracer05 (speedracer05) wrote in pghlesbians,

New to the area

So I just moved to the city and I want to check out Donny's, but my roommate who has been here for a few years told me that it's kind of in a shifty area and there are some questionable characters always hanging around outside. He's never been there, so he might be reacting on hearsay. So my question is: Is it safe to walk from Shadyside to that area of Bloomfield at around 10pm, and then just get a cab back? I walked to Bloomfield today (during the day and just up the main area on Liberty) and I thought it seemed like a great neighborhood, actually preferable to the homogeneous and snotty Shadyside that I've gotten used to. Also, would a new transplant to Pgh feel out of place there, or is it a fairly welcoming bar? Thanks for any suggestions!
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