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Here Come the BrideS..................

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Hey all....
i am extremely thrilled to be planning a wedding with my deliciously adorable girlfriend- with our date being Sept6, 2008.. however when i went to find an lj community to chitchat about our wedding plans- i discovered that there were none for same sex weddings. There were plenty of them for same sex marriage but none for weddings.

so- i just went and created my own....
i hope that this isn't inappropriate but i wanted to invite anyone interested to samesexwedding....

now- it's geared towards planning and sharing glbtq weddings- but is also for any and all celebrations and ceremonies like poly unions or any alternative weddings....

feel free to check it out or join or lurk- or pass it on to anyone that might be interested in a place to come and share or gush about their weddings. or if you have had a union and wanted to share or give advice or anything related, we'd love to have you.

it' sure to be slow at first, but i hoping enough people open up and enjoy the chance to openly chitchat about their special days....

feel free to contact me if you want! i look forward to sharing with you!
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